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About Us

Zaapp is an indie software development group for corporations launching an IoT project or a mobile-first project.

You do not want technology to get in the way of your customer relationships. You want to use new technology to make your interactions more effective and seamless. We know how to help you find the sweet spot. It’s that simple.

Our Philosophy

Zaapp is modern software and IoT product development. We believe good technology projects are not about the technology. It’s about finding ways to reduce friction for your customer. We help you choose a technology that reduces complexity.

We’re not a big-size engineering firm or corporation. Zaapp is a small studio, born from project designers and engineers, who wanted to offer others a way to rapidly take advantage of new technologies. We’re a hands on team that understands our clients’ specific needs and knows what it takes to create exciting customer experiences with the most cutting-edge technology in a way that will grow with your company, your product, your customers, and your brand.

What We Do

User Experience

Application Prototyping
IoT Experience Prototyping


Application Design and Architecture Services
Application Modernization
Custom Application Development (Android, iOS)

For Design Sprints, we refer everyone we know to The Royal I.